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An Autistic Boy's Answer: YouTube Science


A young autistic boy has found his outlet in making science videos. Jordan Hilkowitz was diagnosed with autism when he was just 18 months old, he didn’t begin to speak until he was 5. His mother Stacey remembers the heartbreak she experienced as she watched her young son bang his head against the wall out of frustration at not being able to communicate.


It was his babysitter’s idea for Jordan to start making science videos. He’d always had an interest in science, and she felt that this could be an outlet for him to communicate to a larger audience. Larger indeed! Jordan’s channel, Doctor Mad Science, has received over 2.4 million views to date – and he’s become a local celebrity for his scientific knowhow. More...


Most Children With Autism Diagnosed at 5 or Older


More than half of school-aged kids were age 5 or older when they were first diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, the study showed. Less than 20% were diagnosed by age 2. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians screen children for autism at 18 months of age.


"Research tells us that children who start intervention earlier do better in the long run," says Geraldine Dawson, PhD, in an email. She is the chief science officer at Autism Speaks. "We can reliably diagnosis autism by 24 months, so professionals need to do a better job, including screening all children at 18 and 24 months." More...


S. Korea: 1 in 38 kids has autism


One out of every 38 children in South Korea may have autism, a surprisingly high number based on a new research approach that suggests autism is a global problem that is significantly underdiagnosed, researchers said on Monday.


The estimate, which translates into 2.64 percent of children, is far higher than the estimated 1 percent rate seen in studies in the United States and Europe.


The study is the first to estimate autism in South Korea, and while the study needs to be confirmed, it suggests autism may be more common than previously thought.


"Are we surprised? Yes," said Dr. Young-Shin Kim of Yale University, whose study was funded by the advocacy group Autism Speaks and published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.


Kim's team used a painstaking research method that involved screening 55,000 children aged 7 to 12 in the South Korean city of Goyang. The team surveyed parents about their children's behavior, then followed up with evaluations of at risk children to confirm their diagnosis.More...



Finding Good Apps for Children With Autism






The Apple iPad has been hailed as a savior for assisting children with autism spectrum disorder or other special needs. It was portrayed as a minor miracle in a recent segment on “60 Minutes” and has been found to help even the very young quickly learn.


Anecdotally, teachers, parents and therapists describe the profound difference that apps for Apple and Android products have made in helping autistic children develop skills. IPad programs have provided a means of communicating for some children with autism who cannot speak or have language delays. Other apps help children learn to handle social situations that can be stressful, like crowds at malls. And many programs can help develop fine-motor skills, which promote functions like writing or manipulating small objects. More...



Incredible Kid With Autism Needs Help Raising $1 Million for the Cause




It may be the biggest myth about autism out there: that kids on the spectrum can't form social relationships, that they don't feel for other people the way that "regular" people do. Try telling that to Christian Mast. The 10-year-old from upstate New York has tried everything from selling his toys to running a lemonade stand because he wants to help people. Now he's on a mission to sell 1 million puzzle piece placards to raise $1 million for Autism Speaks. Oh yeah, and Christian has autism. More...


Startup company succeeds at hiring autistic adults


ソフトウェアの会社 "Aspiritech" は自閉症と呼ばれる大人(Autistic Adults)を雇い、成功している。


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. (AP) — The software testers at Aspiritech are a collection of characters. Katie Levin talks nonstop. Brian Tozzo hates driving. Jamie Specht is bothered by bright lights, vacuum cleaners and the feel of carpeting against her skin. Rider Hallenstein draws cartoons of himself as a DeLorean sports car. Rick Alexander finds it unnerving to sit near other people.
This is the unusual workforce of a U.S. startup that specializes in finding software bugs by harnessing the talents of young adults with autism. More...


$12 Million to Support Research and Treatment of Autism-Related Health Issues
(ATN) has competed successfully for another round of federal funding—$12 million—to continue to serve as the Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health (AIR-P). TheAIR-P supports clinical research, development of best-practice guidelines, tool kits for families and physicians, and clinician training activities. The funding represents Autism Speaks’ second major AIR-P grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Service Administration, for a total of $24 million since 2008. More...



Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World
MONTCLAIR, N.J. — For weeks, Justin Canha, a high school student with autism, a love of cartoons and a gift for drawing, had rehearsed for the job interview at a local animation studio.
As planned, he arrived that morning with a portfolio of his comic strips and charcoal sketches, some of which were sold through a Chelsea gallery. Kate Stanton-Paule, the teacher who had set up the meeting, accompanied him. But his first words upon entering the office were, like most things involving Justin, not in the script. More...


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